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MotherShipton.com is part of the ongoing The Prophetess Legacy ~ Feminine Voices of the Divine research project created by Susan Larison Danz. Since 2010, Susan has presented several seminars at conferences on Mother Shipton and mystical women throughout history.

Susan is the host of The Frontier Beyond Fear live broadcast, Susan Larison Danz now in its 14th year, with over 500 episodes and over a quarter of a million listens worldwide on Blog Talk Radio. It is often featured on the front page of the Blog Talk Radio web site under Live & Upcoming shows. The podcast is also on multiple syndication platforms, including iHeartRadio, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and more.

Susan has a diverse educational and professional background balancing science and humanities, with Susan Larison Danz Projectsdegrees in Computer Science and Mathematics, including an MS degree from the University of Illinois. She combines logic and reason with spiritual depth and intuition in her writing, research and presentations.

Through a wide-ranging career in work and volunteer roles and the enthusiastic expression of multiple talents, Susan has partnered with leaders in creative, spiritual, educational, non-profit and business settings for decades.

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