Mother Shipton ~ Facts, Myths & Mysteries

Welcome to an innovative, comprehensive examination of the history and prophecies of Mother Shipton, celebrated by some as the 16th century's female Nostradamus of England, questioned by others as a fraud, her very existence hanging in the balance.

Mother Shipton

This web site, now fully re-awakening in 2021 and continuing to expand, will provide evidence supportive of this intuitive woman's existence, though it is challenging to prove she actually had anything to do with a magical cave, nor is there any verifiable proof her name was "Ursula Southeil" (or any variation thereof), contrary to many popular accounts. What we can know with certainty is how much the Mother Shipton prophetic legacy was revered and trusted for many years after she was said to have lived, including by many in the present day.

Through careful, objective, enlightened study of the resources available, a much clearer picture of Mother Shipton will be revealed. We will analyze not only the relatively few surviving words that have the historical likelihood of being accurately attributed to her, but we will honestly explore what she likely did not say at all, as there have been many controversial prophecies said to be propagated in her name. We will even explore the fascinating mysteries around the uncanny prescience of some often-repeated alleged forgeries.

What we can discern about her life from historical resources will be examined closely, seeing beyond the many stories surrounding her past, stories asserted through the centuries by those either proclaiming or maligning her legendary "witch-like" attributes.

In the process, we will begin to envision the real Mother Shipton evidence suggests may have walked upon the Earth, an intuitive woman trusted by those whose lives she touched, not a caricature and not a fraud, and with no verifiable indication of ever being burned at the stake, though she may have been threatened with that fate by a notorious Archbishop.

The Prophetess Legacy ~ artwork by Richard Crookes

When considering that the real Mother Shipton may not have had quite as fanciful a history (yet extraordinary by any measure), nor did she necessarily say much of what is attributed to her, we will explore the eerie precognitive mystery of some of those words, including those considered by historians to be forgeries. We will scrutinize the alleged forgeries to determine just how logically and historically justified is their fabrication, while keeping a mind open to remarkable possibilities.

Shrouded by controversy and misconstrued by many, the legacy of Mother Shipton is reaching out to us across time, assisting us to look at prophecy itself in an entirely new light.

This web site is fully re-awakening in 2021 for very obvious reasons - at no time in our recent history is it more important to be fully examining the research intended for this web site that has not yet been shared (an effort the author of this site began over a decade ago). Welcome to the Awakening!

Mother Shipton by Richard Crookes is part of the The Prophetess Legacy ~ Feminine Voices of the Divine research project created by Susan Larison Danz.

This web site is continually evolving...its quantum leap has arrived!

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